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Summer 2 – Aliens and Monsters 

I can’t believe it is the last term in Year One for Koala Class. What a year it has been!

Here is an overview of what we will be up to this half term.

Important dates 

PE day-Tuesday morning

Sports day –

Paultons Park trip- 15th July 2022

Summer 1 – Oceans and Seas

Welcome back I hope you had a lovely Easter break filled with lots of chocolate.

Our new topic this half term will be oceans and Seas, please see our curriculum overview below for an outline of what we will be doing this half term!

Important Dates

Phonics workshop -Wednesday 27th May

Inset Day – Thursday 5th May

Trip to West Witterings Beach – TBC

PE will be on Monday afternoons.

Happy Eater Koala Class – Enjoy your Easter Eggs!

Spring 2 – Queens

We are back for another busy half term in Year One! We hope you had a lovely (but windy!) half term and are refreshed ready for learning.


Our topic this half term will be all about Queens. We will focus our learning in English around two key texts “The Queens Knickers” and ” The Queens Hat”. We will be applying our writing to skills to produce writing for different purposes such as a wanted poster, a diary and a letter.


This half term we will be exploring geometry, multiplication and division and continuing to develop our mental arithmetic skills – focusing on number bonds to 20. We are learning to count in steps of 2,5 and 10.


Do seasons effect habitats? This will be our question to investigate for this half term. By the end of the topic we will know that:

  • There are four seasons, Spring, summer, autumn and winter
  • Animals and plants have adapted ways of surviving the changing seasons.
  • These include hibernating, storing food, fattening up, migration, loss of leaves
  • Trees can be either evergreen or deciduous.
  • Evergreen trees keep their green leaves all year round.

Deciduous trees lose their leaves every autumn.


Important dates 

PE will be every Tuesday



Spring 1 – Dinosaurs! 

Welcome back! We hope you had an amazing Christmas and new year and all ready for the spring term.


Our topic this half term will by Dinosaurs. Looking at ” The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet” and ” How Dinosaurs really work”. We will continue to learn Year One writing and reading skills through the context of this topics.


This half term we will be exploring place value, particularly for teen numbers. We will continue securing our knowledge of our number bonds up to 10. We will begin to learn to tell the time to the hour and half hour. Each week we will complete a mental arithmetic paper to keep our Mental maths skills well practiced.


How do animals survive? Is our big question this half term. We will be looking at distinctions between predators and prey and what all animals need to survive. We will also explore senses.


Important dates 

PE will be every Tuesday

15th January – visit from M and M productions for Aladdin Panto

14th February – Inset day

Our Classroom!

Autumn 2 – Traditional Tales 

Welcome back I hope you are all ready for a busy term leading up to Christmas! Our topic this half term will be “Traditional Tales”.

Check out our curriculum overview to see what we will be getting up to!

Important dates for your diary


9th of November – Bake sale to raise money for trip

2nd of December – School Trip to Kings Theatre to watch Jack and the Bean Stalk

10th of December – Homework due date

PE will be on a Monday with a PE coach


Useful Links for Learning








Last term’s fun!


Autumn 1 – Toys

Welcome back! Hope you had a lovely summer holidays and are back ready for lots of learning in Year One.

Our topic this half term is toys and we will be beginning with the book “Shark in the Park” By Tim Sharatt. We will also be looking at ” Lost in the Toy Museum”.


In maths we will begin by securing our counting to 20 and number formation! We will build on this to begin to order and compare numbers.


In science we will learning all about materials! Including what different materials are useful for and the names of various materials. We will be thinking about how to investigate the properties of different materials.

Key Dates

PE- will be on a Wednesday afternoon and we will be doing gymnastics!