I hope you had a super half term and had a well deserved rest after all the hard work you did last half term!


This half term we have lots more learning to do and trips to go on.


In English we will be reading ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ by C. S. Lewis. The skills we will be learning are how to use the suffixes –ed and –ing correctly, using the possessive apostrophe, using a range of conjunctions and adverbs and developing descriptive language. We will then apply these to our final outcomes of a diary, story, non-chronological report and winter poetry.


In maths, we will continue with multiplication and division skills. We will use then these skills when we learn about fractions. Following fractions, we will be learning about shapes, angles and perimeter. Finally, we will use our addition and subtraction skills for statistics.


In Science we will be learning about animals and humans skeletons.

The key ideas we will be learning about are:

  • Nutrients produced by plants move to primary consumers then to secondary consumers through food chains.
  • Many animals have skeletons to support their bodies and protect vital organs.
  • Movable joints connect bones.
  • Muscles are connected to bones and move when they contract.


Our topic for the autumn term is the Glaciers and Climate change! We will be finding out about what glaciers are, where we can find them and arctic ecosystems. We will then look at the effect climate change is having on glaciers and Polar Regions. In history we will continue to learn about the Titanic. In art we will be sketching and portraits of animals, focusing on scale and proportions.


Our PE days are Monday and Thursday. Please make sure you have a kit and shoes in school that is suitable for outdoor sessions.

If you have got any questions feel free to ask me at the start or end of the day, or on Class Dojo.


Miss Jones.

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