2018 – 2019 Academic Year Curriculum Overview

Each year group has a curriculum overview for the academic year. Please click on the link below to view your child’s year group.

Curriculum Yearly Overview YrR

Curriculum Yearly Overview Y1

Curriculum Yearly Overview Y2

Curriculum Yearly Overview Y3

Curriculum Yearly Overview Y4

Curriculum Yearly Overview Y5

Curriculum Yearly Overview yr6


Reading at Home

Our school is strongly committed to improving literacy and knows the importance of reading for pleasure!

There is good evidence to suggest that young people who read for pleasure daily perform better in reading tests than those who never do.

We want to encourage all our children to enjoy reading and to read a wide range of good quality literature.


Curriculum Newsletters.

Each half term the children will bring home their curriculum Newsletters with their homework on the reverse. Please take time to read through this with your child to find out what they are learning about in class.


Home School Agreement

The Home School Agreement is sent home at the beginning of each Academic Year with each pupil to be signed by the parent or carer and child. This is then kept in the child’s school file. Each child that starts at Woodcroft will have a Home School Agreement as part of their starter pack to be completed and returned to the school office.

Please see the document below for the latest Home School Agreement.

Home School Agreement September 2018